Top 10 Dell Solutions Companies – 2022

Dell Technologies is bringing advanced technological solutions to help businesses sail through challenging remote working environments. This growth is predominantly driven by over 90 percent of enterprises deploying workloads on a mix of private clouds, public clouds, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and existing on-prem infrastructure.

This is the beginning of a multi-year journey to better capture the opportunities presented by a shifting market, evolving partner business models, and Dell’s as-a-service strategy with Dell Technologies APEX.

Dell is also focused on simplifying and investing in its partners to realize the potential of high-growth areas in the market. It is common for partners to have multiple business models – many resell, provide hosting and other managed services, and build embedded solutions. To best support these models, Dell is launching several enhancements to its partner program to provide consistent rewards for partner engagement.

To put the spotlight on such key developments, CIOReview how Dell solutions providers are leveraging the latest technologies to help companies that are partnered with Dell in the market. This edition also features thought leadership articles from Federico Masias, SVP of Information Technology at Baird & Warner, and Brandon Beals, Director of Data and Analytics at Dot Foods. They shed light on using digital technologies and business models to improve performance linked to the digital domain, a more futuristic approach to data storage, and business process management tools quickly fusing with low-code methodology.

In this edition of CIOReview magazine, we also bring to you the story of some of the top Dell solutions providers. In the list, Fairgreen stands out for its ICT firm and systems integrator that specializes in designing and building data centers and installing, configuring, and maintaining data center server, storage, and networking infrastructure. We also bring to you the story of Cravety, providing an innovative SaaS platform—ActionLogics, that creates an unparalleled candidate and employee experience at every touchpoint. Equally commendable are the stories of Arravo, offering specialized Dell EMC IT architecture implementations with over a decade of experience in assisting its clients across Africa. In the same leg, SigNus Technologies leverages cloud and hybrid technology to deliver managed services solutions and allows its clients to break through the geolocation barriers of service delivery.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in the Dell partner ecosystem. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Dell Solutions Companies

  • 1

    Fairgreen Limited is a leading ICT firm and Systems Integrator in Ghana, primarily specializing in the building of data center physical infrastructure and the installation, configuration, and maintenance of data center server, storage, and networking infrastructure

  • 2

    ActionLogics, Cravety’s SaaS platform, createsa customer-like personalized experiences for front-line/hourly employees at every touchpoint of an employee journey.

  • 3

    An OEM system integrator specializing in Dell EMC enterprise software and hardware implementation.

  • 4

    SigNus Technologies is an I.T. services company committed to offering the most advanced and practical solutions to suit your I.T. needs. SigNus Technologies leverages cloud and hybrid technology to deliver managed services solutions

  • 5

    Integrated Media Technologies

    Integrated Media Technologies

    Integrated Media Technologies Inc. (IMT) is a leading technology solutions and managed services provider focused on partnering with its clients to achieve their strategic initiatives. IMT provides a full project lifecycle of consulting, design, implementation, and ongoing support to meet the growing demands of our customers, partners, and employees

  • 6



    ITsavvy is the industry model for innovative technology solutions and managed services. It has developed a strong ecosystem of best-of-breed partners and subject matter experts to provide strategic, common-sense IT that gives clients peace of mind

  • 7

    OneNeck IT

    OneNeck IT

    OneNeck IT Solutions specializes in multi-cloud solutions, combined with managed services, professional IT services, hardware and local connectivity via top-tier data center in Arizona. The company delivers secure, modern platforms and applications for organizations embracing data-driven transformation and secure end-to-end solutions

  • 8



    Redapt is an end-to-end technology solutions provider bringing clarity to a dynamic technical environment. The company helps its customer navigate through technology challenges and complexities to accelerate growth

  • 9



    VyOS's vision is to dramatically change how networks are accessed by providing a universal Router and Open source software so that users can all build the solutions they always dreamed of, without restrictions, limitations, or prohibitive costs

  • 10



    Waypoint provides hardware and software needs for the organizations including the professional services to implement and support their IT solutions. Waypoint partners with Dell Technologies to provide proven solutions and the knowledge to deliver